Bridal Crew

We couldn’t have asked for a better bridal party. My girls were a massive support for me in the leadup to the wedding, and got up at 5am for me on the day to start getting read (that is dedication). They also all managed to find their own yellow dresses, which was surprisingly difficult!

A lot of people seemed a bit surprised that not all of The Boy’s groomsmen were, well, men – but I always thought it made sense to have your closest friends at your back and in your bridal crew, and since some of his closest friends happened to be women it was only logical to include them too. They found their own grey dresses and were (thankfully) happy to have a boutonniere pinned to them. The boys all hired the same suits, sans jacket (it was quite a warm day!) and wore them the way they wanted to. The ties were from Tie Obsessed on Etsy – soo much nicer and better priced than the ones the suit shop were trying to sell us!

I had a lot of people tell me that the mismatched-ness – different shades of yellow, different shades of grey, guys and girls in the grooms side – would look weird. I think it turned out pretty awesome personally, and it certainly took a lot of the pressure off of us in looking for and forcing particular outfits on them. If you’re thinking of doing this, don’t listen to the haters!


  1. Kirsty

    It doesn’t look weird at all!

    It’s much nicer than matchy-matchy, or different shaped girls in dresses that don’t suit any of them!

  2. xoCATox

    I LOVE that you had groomsgirls in your wedding! That’s awesome.

    And the dresses look fabulous! The different shades/dresses don’t look weird at all. And what’s even better is that you let them choose something they were comfortable in and that definitely shines through in the pics – they all look so at ease! Gorgeous 🙂

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