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I was really, really nervous about the photos for the wedding. Not that I didn’t trust our awesome photographer, Jen, but I’m always really, really awkward in front of a camera – I’m much more comfortable behind one. As it turned out I didn’t need to worry – I didn’t feel awkward at all during our photo session. I couldn’t stop grinning and laughing though, so there’s a very large percentage of shots with my mouth wide open and very few of me being serious!bride, but that’s pretty true to me and the feeling of the day. The Boy is a natural at modelling, and it was easy to play off of him in our shots together.

The best part was the limousine ride into the city, where we had a tv playing video clips a bit more appropriate for a school ball than a wedding. We sang along to some of the songs, including Tribute which one of The Boy’s groomswomen knew all the words to. Rock!

We took photos along King Street and in Wolf Lane, for a sort of urban look. It took about an hour all up, definitely enough for me!


  1. Caitlyn

    Congratulations on getting married even though it was a while ago now.

    I just had to comment and tell you how utterly amazing, wonderful and refreshing it is to see ‘groomswomen’!

    Their dresses are perfect and the bridesmaids are just as lovely.

    You had an absolutely visually stunning wedding. All very beautiful.


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