Getting Ready

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I decided to get ready at our apartment – both our parents’ places are a bit cluttered, and I really didn’t want the cost of a hotel room. With a morning ceremony and photos before that, I ended up having to get up at 5am! The Boy didn’t like the idea of getting kicked out of our apartment so early, so he opted to spend the night at a friends’ place and I had Miss C to keep me company.

I think getting ready for your wedding at your home has its good and bad points. On the plus side, it cut out a lot of travel time – I pretty much rolled out of bed, had some tea and started getting ready. It’s also very close to The Boy’s parent’s place, where he was getting ready, and we did our ‘first look’ in the front yard. Various little emergencies are easier to solve when you have all your possessions to work with, instead of just what you remember to bring to the hotel or parents place. On the other hand it does require some cleaning up beforehand, and not all homes would be ideal – I know my place is a little dark, and my poor photographers had to use flashes to get good shots. It worked well for us in the end though, and I wouldn’t change it.

All the girls helped each other with hair and makeup, and our friend Miss N did mine for me. In retrospect, part of me wishes I’d gotten a professional hair and makeup artist. Not because they didn’t do an amazing job – everyone ended up looking amazing, and I love how my hair and makeup turned out. But I’m aware of how much pressure that I put on my friends and how much I asked of them.

Everyone was marvelous though, and we were ready pretty much on time! Just as we finished up the boys arrived in the limo, in time for the first look.

All photos by Anna Rose Photography.

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