Yellow Dresses

…seem to be everywhere this season! Where were they this time last year, when I told my bridesmaids they had to find their own (non-matching) yellow dress for the wedding?

Luckily they did awesome and found fabulous dresses anyway.

Real recaps coming soon!


  1. Amy

    You were just ahead of the fashion! I have to say it is a little annoying seeing yellow back in fashion now though. Last year I never found my yellow wedding shoes, this year every shoe shop I walk into has at least one pair that would have been perfect!

  2. janica

    Is the woman on the last right your husband’s sister? They both look alike!! I like ur shoes!

  3. The Girl

    Amy – I know! Just our luck to choose it the year that yellow isn’t in fashion. I’m seeing yellow shoes and dresses everywhere now!

    Janica – Yes she is! And thanks 🙂

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