Short Wedding Hair

I got a haircut!

Okay, generally this isn’t a big deal – I get my hair cut shortish every year when it starts getting warm – it seems that when you’re getting married it is. There’s a bit of an expectation that when you get married you have to have a bridal updo, which requires lovely long locks, and then after the wedding you get it cut the way you actually like to have it. Which is a bit odd, because why not have your hair the way you actually like to have it for the wedding? Not that there’s anything wrong with a bridal updo or growing your hair out for the wedding, I’ve just decided to not let it restrict what I do with my hair until then!

I still have almost a year to go until the wedding and my hair should be past my shoulders by then – long enough to do the side chignon type style I’ve been set on pretty much since the beginning. But in case I decide to cut it short again before then, here’s a few styles I’d probably be taking inspiration from:

I think short hair also looks really gorgeous with pretty headbands and other headgear – maybe something like these:

See? Lots of options! Of course these styles aren’t very very short, but there’s definitely options out there. There’s some more coherent and general discussion of having short hair for the wedding over at A Los Angeles Love, who conveniently posted on the topic the day I got my hair cut!


  1. Lisa Foster

    I love your hair ideas……just a word of encouragement….throw to the wind any preconceived ideas about what is expected and do things your way. Be it hair or anything else. It’s your day, you cannot do it over – I am a celebrant and I encourage my brides to truly be themselves on their wedding day – best of luck with all your decisions

  2. Ish

    Where is that wonderful sparkly headband from (top right hand corner of the last 6 photos). I am in lurrve

  3. Chisa

    Ish I believe they’re all from Jennifer Behr – see her work here:

  4. Ish

    Oh thank you! PS as a bride to be I am loving your blog 🙂

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