I Wanna Hold Your Hand

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So I really like The Beatles, especially this lovely song, which I feel is incredibly sweet and full of joy – exactly the kind of emotion I want our wedding to be all about.

I thought it would make a great song to walk down the aisle to – sweet but not too sappy. It is, however, quite boppy – I don’t know the logistics of my ‘aisle’ at this point, but if I was walking along it to this song I’d probably get there before the end of the first chorus.

Then I saw a cover of this song being performed by Katie Noonan on Good News Week, and went THIS IS IT YO. Tell me this doesn’t give you the chills in a wonderful way.

It’s just a Good News Week clue though, not released anywhere as far as I know… so I’m not sure how I can acquire a legal and high quality version!

What’s your song?


  1. Amy

    That was such a great cover that she did. I almost melted when I heard it on GNW the other night. If you find a proper release of it let me know!

  2. Tim Riley

    Nice find on the Katie Noonan version! With the slower pace it sounds like it would definitely work better as an aisle song. We were considering “Hey Hey Hey (My Little Beauties)” by Hawksley Workman, before picking “Only You” by Joshua Radin ( in the last month before the wedding. It was a favourite of the girl’s and it worked really well!

  3. luc

    I tried so hard to find a proper version of that but couldn’t 🙁 it was absolutely beautiful, i would love to walk down the aisle to that! Turns out she did a whole album of Beatles covers, but that song isn’t on it. Boo.

  4. Richelle

    That would be great as a walk down aisle song. You should friend her on fb and ask her to record it! Then if you are really game, ask her to make it as a free download on her website 🙂 Brides all over Australia will love you for it.
    I walked down the aisle to a Star Trek soundtrack called ‘Sign Off’ beautiful instrumental with appropriate crescendo.

  5. luc

    Haha Richelle I have done exactly that!! She said she’ll see 😛

  6. The Girl

    luc – oh wow, I didn’t even think of that! Please let us know how you go – as Richelle said I’m sure brides everywhere would thank you for it!

    Two of my bridesmaids have offered to perform a song for us as a present (one has an incredible singing voice, the other is a pianist), so maybe I’ll get them to do this song during the reception 🙂

  7. luc

    Ooh that’s a good idea! My brother and his wife are a pianist and singer, maybe they could do it! They’re more jazz though… but a jazz version of Katie Noonan’s version could be awesome haha!
    I will definitely let you know if she gets in contact with me again, you should all befriend her on Facebook though so you’ll hear about it if she does record it 🙂

  8. kim

    You can get an MP3 from a youtube video on It should be good quality.

  9. Gypsy

    The youtube clip has gone now (the person hosting it closed their account). Did anyone get the mp3 off the youtube clip?

  10. colleen

    I wanted the song too, tried contacting GNW and they were going to try to get me an audio recording of it. Just found out this week they couldnt do it.

    Maybe I should friend her on Facebook as well and ask her to record it

  11. jayT

    I have a special gift for anyone that’s still interested in the GNW track.

    I have a digital recording direct from the DTV episode of GNW recorded in 320kbps.

    A thankyou comment is all I ask 🙂

  12. The Girl

    JayT, you are the bomb! We’ve just started thinking about music again and then I realised that the clip had disappeared 🙁 Thanks a million!

  13. jayT

    Hey no problem..
    I’m just surprised this thread is still being watched 🙂


  14. colleen

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!

    I was so bummed when Katie Noonan said she wasnt going to record it after I friended her on Facebook. I was only thinking last week that I would have to get a taping of the episode and try to rip it from there.

    So happy I ticked the box to notify me of followup comments via email!!

  15. luc

    Awesomeness, thanks!

    Also glad I ticked the notification box 🙂

  16. jayT

    Glad I could help 🙂

    I actually recorded the episode on my PC when it aired in May last year, and liked the song so much myself that I made an mp3 out of it.

    And I only now saw that others liked the song and that it wasn’t available online.

    Anyway, it’s just nice to make someone’s day 🙂

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  18. The Girl

    You’ve made quite a few people really happy jayT! I’ve done a follow up post here if anyone is interested:

  19. Katie

    I’m a happy girl! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  20. rom

    jayT thankyou so so much. I think i wanna hold your hand 🙂

  21. Hayley

    Thank you! Thank you! I’m all teary now! Thank you! xoxoxo

  22. Cara

    Thank you so much!! I new before I was getting married that I want that song. Then when he finally proposed I couldn’t find it anymore. I have kept trying… Just on case it magically pops up.
    I even contacted Katie as well 🙂
    Thank you thank you thank you x

  23. Kate

    jayT is the song still up? I can’t find it… desperate to get it!

  24. Hayley

    It’s gone. I downloaded the entire episode off iTunes and then got the audio off it.

  25. Kate

    Great idea. Thanks Hayley!

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