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Handmade Birdcage Veil

I very nearly didn’t have a veil. I searched around for a cheap birdcage veil, decided I could make one much cheaper (can’t be that hard right?). It became one of those projects that kept getting pushed further and further back, until it was a few days before the wedding and I still hadn’t gotten […]


The Reception

The band segued our walk back down the aisle into the the ‘cocktail hour’ area, where we did quick family photos and ran around trying to talk to every guest. I don’t think I’ve ever hugged so many people in one day before, and I found myself saying “thankyou!” as soon as someone greeted me, […]


The Ceremony

Our ceremony was a short, simple, secular affair at the same venue as the reception. I met our celebrant, Julie Carlton, through some work that I did for her, and she was great in helping us sort through the many, many options in writing your own ceremony. We ended up going for something short and […]