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Gift Registries

I’m working on our gift registry at the moment, and let me tell you it is hard work! The Boy and I have been living together for 2 years and are fairly well set up – we have everything we need to get by, although most of it was bought on a low budget and […]


More To Do’s

So it only took me 2 weeks, but I’m finally done with my list of things to do in a weekend. Mostly as a reminder to myself, here’s my next to do list: Go over details with venue Start thinking about ceremony decorations Choose a reading Write vows Do final mockup of invitations and order […]


First Comes Love

I meant to blog about this forever ago – finally a bridal fair that looks like it won’t make make me cringe. First Comes Love is an alternative bridal fair for people who want something a bit different from the conventional wedding, which is right up my alley. The list of exhibitors looks excellent (and […]


A Weekend of Getting Wedding Shizzle Done

It’s the start of a long weekend here in Perth (not that it matters to me as a freelancer, but I’m waiting on some things and don’t have much work to do on Monday anyway), so I hereby dub this A Weekend of Getting Wedding Shizzle Done (Amongst Other Stuff). At just over 4 months […]


Chrysanthemum and Chamomile, and other lovely things

About time for a post with some actual pictures! Flowers have never been a particularly big thing for me. I buy the occasional bunch of flowers to decorate our apartment when the mood strikes, but that’s about as far as it goes. I don’t even really like to grow flowers – I prefer things I […]