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Buffets and Compromises

I’ve never been a fan of buffets. Maybe it’s because I don’t like doing the buffet shuffle, or the fact that by the time it’s your turn to go up and get your food it doesn’t look so pretty anymore. Probably it’s because my family celebrated most of our important occasions at Sizzler. But one […]


Wedding Breakdown #1

So apparently my attempt at staying positive with regards to food for our wedding wasn’t entirely successful. After talking to the venue about the costs involved with bringing in another caterer (not cheap at all; I suppose they have to make their money somehow) and adding it all up, something in me just sort of […]


Protip: Side Chignon

TIP #5 – Planning on an awesome modern side chignon hair style? Hug 5 or 6 people and remember what side your “meet cheeks” on and make sure the hair style and/or fastener is on THE OPPOSITE.  Otherwise you will be doing one of two things…squishing your lovely updo or forcing everyone to hug counter-intuitively. […]


Five Month Frustrations

The Boy and I went for a menu tasting at our venue last week. It was… disappointing, to say the least. I’d go as far as saying that if I was served that meal as a guest I would probably be bitching about it (uh, not to the couple of course), and if it was […]


Anna Rose Photography

Heads up peoples – Anna Rose Photography is offering a special discounted rate for funky, arty, handmade type weddings at the moment. I booked her in way early after she offered this last time, and I’m extremely glad I did. Photography is so important to me and I probably wouldn’t have had the budget to […]