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Suiting Up

Today we took a look at suits! The Boy has two groomsmen (and two groomswomen, who will most likely be wearing dresses) so I tagged along to offer my opinion and they tried some things on. It’s so much easier for boys – we walked in, they tried on the one light grey suit they […]


Sunny Yellow Bridesmaids

Yep, I’ve finally decided: my girls will be wearing YELLOW! Here’s what I’m asking them to wear in a nutshell: Knee length, cocktail~ish dress of their choosing in some shade of yellow Whatever shoes they want, in a neutral colour (black, white, grey, gold, silver, nude) Whatever jewellery and accessories they want, in neutral colours […]


Honeymoon Ideas

I’ve given The Boy the task of sorting out our honeymoon, which he has taken to with much gusto. I’ve decided my requirements/wishlist for our honeymoon are: going pretty much straight after the wedding not too expensive, as we will probably be killing our savings to pay for the wedding! nice weather great food privacy […]


On Budgets and Keeping Costs Down

Now that we’ve actually started paying deposits and confirming pricing for things, I’m starting to get a little scared about budget. A couple of splurges aside we’ve done a lot to keep the budget down – but at my last count we’re just slightly over the initial amount I decided on. And I’ve decided to […]


Follow up: I Want to Hold Your Hand

Following up on a post I made ages ago on Katie Noonan’s lovely cover of ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ as the song I walk down the aisle to: Sadly, the video that I posted originally has been taken down. I haven’t been able to find any other uploads of it, nor the Good […]


Yellow Shoes

Since I’m wearing a short dress there’s going to be a lot more emphasis on my shoes. This is hard, because I’m not a crazy shoe person who will go out and buy Louboutins or whatever is hot right now for several hundred dollars. I definitely want something nice though – probably in a bright […]