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Why I’m not making my own dress

I’ve just taken a look at my blog stats (yup, I’m geeky enough to track that kind of thing) and noticed that quite a few people have come to my blog whilst searching for how to DIY a wedding dress. This is something I was considering some time ago, but since then I’ve obviously decided […]


Decisions and Deposits

This has been a productive few days! Here’s what we’ve been up to: Ordered my custom dress with Cupid’s Bridal – the ladies there were very helpful and seemed as excited about my design as I was, which is usually a good sign! I’m now nervously awaiting the dress to be finished and come to […]


Stationery Ideas

Just over six months to go until the wedding, and I’m starting to think a bit more seriously about designing our invitations. We have a fair few guests who will have to travel from overseas and interstate, so I’m hoping to get some Save The Dates (I refuse to call them STDs) out fairly soon […]


Dress Design

Otherwise feel free to click on through for some pretty pictures!


The Dress: Store vs Dressmaker

I have to admit that there has never really much question about whether I would buy a dress from a shop or not – the styles that I’m drawn to simply aren’t the kind of thing you really see in wedding dress shops. But I thought it would be best to explore all my options […]


Guests with Cameras

I came across this article today, by a professional photographer talking about guests and photographer wannabes taking photos at weddings. It’s an interesting perspective, and sad to see beautiful photo opportunity ruined by guests with cameras. I always bring my camera with weddings, and I’m guilty of having a camera hiding my face or looking […]


The Doing of Things

We’re now back in Perth, and have internet! Now that the whole moving interstate thing has settled down and my schedule is getting back to normal, it’s it me that it’s just about 7 months until the wedding. And I haven’t really booked much other than the venue and photographer so far. People are giving […]