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On Cake

How awesome is this photo from the “Shoot the Chef” photography competition? The woman is a pastry chef, chocolatier and champion kickboxer, and is thus my hero. The Boy and I were planning to do a little cake testing whilst in Perth, but with everything going on we only made it to one place – […]


Total Bridesmaid Mismatch

I took this photo at Floriade today, and I’m sort of enamoured with the colours. Obviously they’re a bit strong and girly on their own, but used sparingly with some white/cream/beige/brown/grey neutrals I think it could look really pretty. I’ve looking at bridal party photos recently, and after seeing a few I’ve decided that having […]


Ceremony Venue

One of the things I really wanted to sort out whilst we were in Perth was the ceremony venue. We did manage to scout around a few places, but so far nothing is coming up as the perfect solution. At first I really wanted something in the shade of some trees, but when chatting with […]


Engagement Party!

So the engagement party was last weekend! Things were a little stressful at points during the preparation, and I was ready to sleep for a day after it ended, but overall I think things worked out really, really well. Some great friends and family offered to cater the party as a present, so what was […]


Forrest Centre Reception Centre

Went to see our reception venue for the first time ever yesterday! I have to admit there are parts that I’m not in love with (such as the not-so-pretty buildings around the atrium area), but in total I’m really happy with our choice. The building is beautiful; the atrium very airy and filled with light; […]


Lists and Lists

The Boy and I are in Perth for the next week or so! We have a ton of things to get through whilst here, mostly to do with the wedding or engagement party, so I thought I’d write a list. I know that lists are probably not so interesting to read for you, dear reader, […]



In light of my engagement invites (you can tell I’m pretty damn pleased with myself, can’t you?) I’ve decided on my philosophy towards planning our wedding: being lazy(ish). Or, to expand: minimum cost minimum effort (unless the task is something really fun!) maximum impact In the context of invitations for example, getting someone else to […]


Engagement Invitations

They’re done! And only just mailed out, despite my best intentions to give everyone a good few weeks’ notice. We ended up creating a Facebook event in the meantime, which has actually led to most people RSVPing on there and ignoring my request for their address to send them my cute invitations! I’ve managed to […]


Très Fashion

I am not a high fashion person. I’m not even a vaguely fashionable person. But damn, these hats by Philip Treacy are more like art. I don’t think I have the bone structure to pull one off even if I could afford it, but they are lovely to look at and thought I’d share! These […]