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Playing with Video

And now back to some lighter stuff! I did a bit of messing around with The Boy’s little Zumi camera that we’re thinking of using to take some wedding footage last weekend, and cut it together with some music in iMovie. I should probably warn you that I took this footage at an anime convention […]


What She Said

I’m really getting on my high horse a bit lately huh? We’ll be back to engagement party planning soon, promise. But I saw this post on A Los Angeles Love today, and had to bring attention to it. It’s pretty much what I was trying to say here and here about the lack of diversity […]


Won’t somebody please think of the children?!

I don’t really write about politics because I honestly don’t know much about it, but this was just… um, wow. These tweets and the press release they were quoted from were taken down shortly after, but not before outraged people took screenshots and Google cached her site. Love is love people. I’m sure Jesus would […]


Table Pictures

I love the idea of using images instead of table numbers. Doesn’t this look so fab? So instead of saying “I’m on table 4,” you can say “I’m on the T-REX table”, or LLAMA TABLE, or TEAPOT TABLE, which is significantly more awesome. The rest of the wedding photos are absolutely worth a look too, […]


Engagement Party

So here’s my concept for the invites (I’m the kind of person who has to do a Photoshop mockup for pretty much everything): My plan is to print the text onto some textured cream card, use one of the oversized shaped paper punches to punch the hearts out of some red paper, then sew them […]