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Pink Lemonade

Um. So yes, I’ve changed my mind on colours again. And it probably won’t be the last time. But anyway, I call this one “Pink Lemonade Happy Funfun Awesome Times”, and it is fairly similar to the last mood board that I posted with the addition of a delicious watermelon pink. Despite being one of […]


Many things to do

The Boy and I have booked a trip back over to Perth while they were on sale, so you’ll probably see some more posts from me as we try to make the most of the time there to get things organised! Here’s what’s on my list of (wedding related) things to do: Meet with our […]


Engagement Photos

Okay, I know these have been a long time coming – I’ve simply been too busy/lazy to put them online! But here they are finally – you can see the set of photos here. I’ve decided to just put a small set of my favourites online because honestly I feel a little strange putting up […]