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English Department Dresses

I stumbled across the first of these dresses on Etsy, and the spent a while going through designer Elizabeth Dye’s blog and the English Department website for other dresses she’s made. She has a store in Oregon and only sells a few dresses via Etsy it seems, but I really love what I’ve seen there […]



I came across the most beautiful paper garlands today in Apartment Therapy: Aren’t they so wonderfully delicate? They’re made with fancy German paper that the seller has screen-printed herself. Can’t really get much more handmade than that. I’m not sure where I’d use them – draped in scallops around the dessert/cake table maybe? I had […]



…is wearing headphones to watch the late night/early morning soccer matches when your fiance doesn’t want to watch them. Or getting up early to turn on the heater for her when she does*. Thanks babe! Been busy with work and life, so haven’t had a chance to think about the wedding at all! I’ll have […]



How incredible do these handmade programs by Lauren of I Love You Much look? And not just because they’re yellow – the fonts, typesetting and simple style are beautifully chosen. From what she’s written of the process of hand binding them though, I think it’s way beyond my level of patience. I can’t imagine doing […]