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I Wanna Hold Your Hand

So I really like The Beatles, especially this lovely song, which I feel is incredibly sweet and full of joy – exactly the kind of emotion I want our wedding to be all about. I thought it would make a great song to walk down the aisle to – sweet but not too sappy. It […]


Over it.

I’m so over wedding inspiration blogs. Being a blogger and a geek and already having masses of design inspiration pouring into my RSS reader every day, when I first got engaged I added pretty much every wedding blog I could find. And every day I had heaps of beautiful images of real weddings, ‘photo shoot […]


Engagement Shoot Pt.2

So the ‘engagement shoot’ went really really well! I was a little nervous to begin with as mentioned previously, but Jenny of Allyeska Photography got us to just be natural and overall it felt really fun and easy rather than cheesy and forced. Poor Jenny wasn’t feeling completely well but trooped on and did an […]


Engagement Shoot

Initially we weren’t planning on doing an ‘engagement shoot’ – hell, I didn’t even know there was such a thing until I started looking at wedding stuff. But I did a logo and website for a photographer friend, Allyeska, and part of her payment is a photo shoot! We’ve been putting it of for months […]



Ah, Mother’s Day. I live on the other side of my country to my mother, so I just called her up to wish her a nice day and boast about going to see the Mama Mia musical in Melbourne. But now that I have some interest in flowers and kind of like having them around […]


Colourful Tables

Really loving the look of this yellow and grey wedding, especially their tables. Having non-white table linens adds so much personality! I don’t think this combo of grey tablecloths and yellow napkins will work for my ‘heritage’ coloured venue though, and hiring it all is an extra cost I really don’t need. I could probably […]