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More on the Name Game

There seems to be a bit of discussion about the name changing thing recently, and it’s made me think about it a little more. Last time I wrote about the name thing I was reluctant to change my name because of my business and simply not liking the way my name sounds with his, but […]


I want to walk down the isle in a rediculously devine wedding in a forrest

I know people often don’t bother to make sure they spell correctly on forums or blogs but… Doesn’t anyone notice this? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! If you’re talking about the thing with trees, it’s a forest, not a forrest. The price of a wedding cake is ridiculous, not rediculous, rediculus or redikulous. […]


These Yellow Shoes…

… I want them.


Romantic Dresses

I’ve seen the Saja dresses around for a while, but didn’t realise they also did short (okay, bridesmaids) dresses in the same styles until I saw a post about them on Another Damn Wedding. I love how soft and romantic their collection is. On the other hand, maybe it’s a bit too soft and romantic […]


Photography and Videography – Food for Thought

I came across this post today through my photographer… and thought it was worth sharing. My planning so far has been very me-centric, so I hadn’t put any thought at all to potential conflicts between different vendors and making it easy for them to do their job unhindered. I hadn’t planned on getting a professional […]



I’ll start this by saying I LOVE letterpress and have always wanted an excuse to get something printed that way, but have never been able to justify the cost for things like business cards. From my understanding printing with letterpress is a time consuming and labour intensive process, requiring a lot of specialised skills and […]


On ‘First Looks’

So we’ve decided to do our photos before the ceremony rather than after, starting with a bit of a private moment where The Boy and I can see each other for the first time on the day, something called a ‘first look’ or ‘first glimpse’. Since our ceremony will be before lunch it’s going to […]


Photographer Booked!

Holy crap guys, things are starting to move! I know it’s possibly a little early to start booking things, but since we’ve decided on a date in early October, which is the most popular month for weddings, I want to make sure I don’t miss out. I also don’t see the point in putting things […]


More DIY Photobooth Backdrop Ideas

Speaking of photobooth backdrops, there’s some super cool ideas here that could look awesome on it. I already mentioned liking the look of book pages pasted onto a wall which is described here; I’m also really liking the idea of sticking fabric to the wall with a cornstarch paste mixture which lets you easily remove […]


‘Photobooth’ Backdrops

I wonder if I could talk my dad into making me one of these? The tutorial for it on Ruffled doesn’t look too difficult. Except with a less floral wallpaper – maybe something like this? Most mentions of backdrops I’ve seen suggest taping it to a wall, but this seems like a more elegant solution […]