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Invitation Design Tips

Finally gotten around to taking some photos of the invitations I designed for a friend – you can see a bit of the construction process and tips here. Taking photos of invitations is hard! I also had to blur out the lovely scripty font I used in the interest of keeping names and details secret. […]


Friend’s Hens

Attended my first hens night ever over the weekend! We started the night at my place with champagne, snacks, photos and games, then went on to dinner, drinks and dancing. A fabulous night was had by all! I blame this wedding obsession for making me go a little over the top with decorations… but they […]


Wedding Acronyms

Does anyone else find the acronyms used on wedding forums and blogs confusing and hilarious? This is pretty much why I’ve decided to avoid using them at all on my blog. There’s a huge list of explanations here, in case you wanted to know what the hell ‘FH’, ‘SIL’, ‘MOH’ etc mean. My favourites: MOH […]


Decor Ideas

My fabulous Chick of Honour (who shall henceforth be referred to as Miss T) and another good friend did some venue recon for me over the weekend, and today I got to see the videos and photos they took! The venue in question is The Forrest Centre Reception Centre, which looks pretty good from the […]


Harinezumi digital camera

It has arrived! After I last posted about this camera, I was all set to buy it. But just before I went to make the payment I remembered that at occasions where I would want to take a video, I usually take still photos. I’m just a hobbyist photographer, but I have spent a decent […]


Heart Kraft

I’m really feeling kraft paper at the moment. There’s something wonderfully earthy about it; the interesting texture makes simple, single colour designs look awesome; and in many cases it’s made of recycled material. Also, and importantly, it’s way cheaper than your average fancy shiny weddingy paper. I took a look around Etsy for some cool […]


More on Imperfect Brides

Further to my previous post about the lack of different shapes, sizes, cultures, ethnicities etc. in wedding media – This is a really interesting post based on market research on brides from Australian bridal websites. I found the below quote interesting: I have listened to several seminars of wedding industry educators – both in person […]


Refining Dress Ideas

It’s perfectly healthy to think about dresses to take your mind off other things (like impending wisdom teeth extraction and subsequent costs) right? So The Boy looked at my last dress post (yes, he reads this blog and I ask him opinions on things – hi babe!) and said he likes the look of an […]


Hot Chicks Only, plzkthnx

I don’t have a perfect body. I’m not exactly large either. Just sort of curvy, maybe a little more than I’d like. I’m also very short. I suppose I’m quite ‘normal’, whatever that means. Most people don’t have perfect bodies. With such a large percentage of the populations of countries featured in wedding blogs being […]


Ideas for The Dress

Ah, The Dress! I’m not one of the girls who always fantisised about her wedding dress. I’m definitely not one of the girls who must have a fancy designer dress (although if you are and can afford it, go you!). Since I didn’t really have an specific ideas I was attached to, I figured I’d […]