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It’s time

Just a quick break from wedding recaps to tell you to go watch this beautifully shot ad by GetUp! promoting marriage equality. I don’t see how you could watch this and feel that their relationship is any less valid or worthy of legal marriage than a hetero relationship. Watch this then go sign the petition.


More To Do’s

So it only took me 2 weeks, but I’m finally done with my list of things to do in a weekend. Mostly as a reminder to myself, here’s my next to do list: Go over details with venue Start thinking about ceremony decorations Choose a reading Write vows Do final mockup of invitations and order […]


Très Fashion

I am not a high fashion person. I’m not even a vaguely fashionable person. But damn, these hats by Philip Treacy are more like art. I don’t think I have the bone structure to pull one off even if I could afford it, but they are lovely to look at and thought I’d share! These […]


Table Pictures

I love the idea of using images instead of table numbers. Doesn’t this look so fab? So instead of saying “I’m on table 4,” you can say “I’m on the T-REX table”, or LLAMA TABLE, or TEAPOT TABLE, which is significantly more awesome. The rest of the wedding photos are absolutely worth a look too, […]


English Department Dresses

I stumbled across the first of these dresses on Etsy, and the spent a while going through designer Elizabeth Dye’s blog and the English Department website for other dresses she’s made. She has a store in Oregon and only sells a few dresses via Etsy it seems, but I really love what I’ve seen there […]


I Wanna Hold Your Hand

So I really like The Beatles, especially this lovely song, which I feel is incredibly sweet and full of joy – exactly the kind of emotion I want our wedding to be all about. I thought it would make a great song to walk down the aisle to – sweet but not too sappy. It […]


These Yellow Shoes…

… I want them.


A Practical Wedding Relaunch

If any of you out there in wedding blog land haven’t come across A Practical Wedding yet, now would be a great time to go take a look. The fabulous Meg has had the site design rehauled and relaunched, and it’s looking really incredible. APW is definitely a must-read if you’re planning a wedding and […]


Videography, 8mm film & Zumi Digital

A wedding video is something that I wasn’t really interested in – I know it’s supposed to be one of the things I’d ‘regret not having after!’, but we’re not really the type to sit down and watch home movies. I feel entirely justified in putting any budget that would have gone towards videography into […]


Rooftop First Look

Surely, somewhere in Perth city there must be a building that will let me use their rooftop for a ‘first look’ like this. Right? I love first looks, I think it’s nice to have a private moment to see each other and feel prepared for making the next big step together. Practical too, in that […]