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Short Wedding Hair

I got a haircut! Okay, generally this isn’t a big deal – I get my hair cut shortish every year when it starts getting warm – it seems that when you’re getting married it is. There’s a bit of an expectation that when you get married you have to have a bridal updo, which requires […]


More on the Name Game

There seems to be a bit of discussion about the name changing thing recently, and it’s made me think about it a little more. Last time I wrote about the name thing I was reluctant to change my name because of my business and simply not liking the way my name sounds with his, but […]


F* Everything

I’ve been reading East Side Bride (hence the post title), who is absolutely hilarious in an opinionated and sweary kind of way. There are so many strong opinions about weddings, on all different sides. There’s probably heaps of people who would think my current plans are disrespectful and not ‘weddingy’ enough; people whowould  think my […]


Name Game

After reading Miss C’s post (interesting how these things inspire and propagate around blogosphere eh?), I’ve started thinking more about what I’m going to do about the whole changing my name thing. It’s a bit more complicated for me as I operate my business under my name. I’m also not sure if I like the […]


Change of Plan

So after visiting our parents in Perth last week, our wedding guest list has somewhat exploded. Okay, I don’t know the exact extent of it yet, but as we would be squishing a little to get into the current top venue choices it’s quite possible that we’ll have to look at bigger venues. I don’t […]


Wedding Favours – really necessary?

I could be alone in thinking this, but are wedding favours really necessary? My experiences with them as a guest have generally been ‘Cute. Now what do I do with it?’, and I didn’t feel like the couple was being rude at all at the most recent wedding I went to that didn’t have any. […]


On Etiquette and Gifts

So it seems that weddings are not entirely about love and commitment and fabulous crafty projects. I like to flick through wedding forums and have found the Vogue forum in particular pretty interesting for reading other people’s perspective on things. It has however made me aware of the millions of little traditions and important etiquette […]