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Lucky Type

A few weeks ago I met up with my friend Miss K for cake and to give her the paper to print my invitations on. I got there a little early and wandered around a bit beforehand, and came across a little ‘pop-up shop‘ with some secondhand and vintage bits and pieces. In there I […]


First RSVP!

I have an official RSVP! There will be at least one person at our wedding! And one of my favourite people even. I hope I won’t have to be chasing people at the end. Dropping off family invites to The Boy’s parents, it turned out that I screwed up the Chinese envelope labels by splitting […]


Invitations, check.

180 invitees. 90 printed invitations. 4 printed pieces to each invitation (invite, map, gifts, address sticker). 1440 hand-cut rounded corners. ~8 solid hours of cutting, sticking, assembling, stuffing and checking. I don’t even want to think about the number of hours spent designing and sketching that went into it beforehand. Big thanks to Miss K […]


Sunny Yellow Bridesmaids

Yep, I’ve finally decided: my girls will be wearing YELLOW! Here’s what I’m asking them to wear in a nutshell: Knee length, cocktail~ish dress of their choosing in some shade of yellow Whatever shoes they want, in a neutral colour (black, white, grey, gold, silver, nude) Whatever jewellery and accessories they want, in neutral colours […]


Stationery Ideas

Just over six months to go until the wedding, and I’m starting to think a bit more seriously about designing our invitations. We have a fair few guests who will have to travel from overseas and interstate, so I’m hoping to get some Save The Dates (I refuse to call them STDs) out fairly soon […]


Engagement Invitations

They’re done! And only just mailed out, despite my best intentions to give everyone a good few weeks’ notice. We ended up creating a Facebook event in the meantime, which has actually led to most people RSVPing on there and ignoring my request for their address to send them my cute invitations! I’ve managed to […]



How incredible do these handmade programs by Lauren of I Love You Much look? And not just because they’re yellow – the fonts, typesetting and simple style are beautifully chosen. From what she’s written of the process of hand binding them though, I think it’s way beyond my level of patience. I can’t imagine doing […]



I’ll start this by saying I LOVE letterpress and have always wanted an excuse to get something printed that way, but have never been able to justify the cost for things like business cards. From my understanding printing with letterpress is a time consuming and labour intensive process, requiring a lot of specialised skills and […]


Invitation Design Tips

Finally gotten around to taking some photos of the invitations I designed for a friend – you can see a bit of the construction process and tips here. Taking photos of invitations is hard! I also had to blur out the lovely scripty font I used in the interest of keeping names and details secret. […]


Heart Kraft

I’m really feeling kraft paper at the moment. There’s something wonderfully earthy about it; the interesting texture makes simple, single colour designs look awesome; and in many cases it’s made of recycled material. Also, and importantly, it’s way cheaper than your average fancy shiny weddingy paper. I took a look around Etsy for some cool […]