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I’ve been terrible with blogging here lately – partly because I’m slightly over the whole wedding planning thing, and partly because I still have so much to do! So here’s a bit of a catch up. Had a bit of a hair and makeup trial at my place, which was mostly successful! A friend, Miss […]


Why I’m not making my own dress

I’ve just taken a look at my blog stats (yup, I’m geeky enough to track that kind of thing) and noticed that quite a few people have come to my blog whilst searching for how to DIY a wedding dress. This is something I was considering some time ago, but since then I’ve obviously decided […]


Dress Design

Otherwise feel free to click on through for some pretty pictures!


The Dress: Store vs Dressmaker

I have to admit that there has never really much question about whether I would buy a dress from a shop or not – the styles that I’m drawn to simply aren’t the kind of thing you really see in wedding dress shops. But I thought it would be best to explore all my options […]


Vote for me?

A few weeks ago I entered a competition on Polka Dot Bride to win a Henry Roth wedding dress – and the voting has just begun! The entry involved something that I’ve been doing a lot of anyway – making an inspiration board for my wedding! Pulling back my ideas to a chic city wedding […]



A bit of background: The Boy and I are getting married in October 2011, just under a year away. We’ve decided to move back to Perth (from Canberra) in early Feb next year. Before that, from mid-Jan, we’ll be travelling around New Zealand then driving straight to Perth from Canberra when we return. I’ve discovered […]


English Department Dresses

I stumbled across the first of these dresses on Etsy, and the spent a while going through designer Elizabeth Dye’s blog and the English Department website for other dresses she’s made. She has a store in Oregon and only sells a few dresses via Etsy it seems, but I really love what I’ve seen there […]


Romantic Dresses

I’ve seen the Saja dresses around for a while, but didn’t realise they also did short (okay, bridesmaids) dresses in the same styles until I saw a post about them on Another Damn Wedding. I love how soft and romantic their collection is. On the other hand, maybe it’s a bit too soft and romantic […]


Refining Dress Ideas

It’s perfectly healthy to think about dresses to take your mind off other things (like impending wisdom teeth extraction and subsequent costs) right? So The Boy looked at my last dress post (yes, he reads this blog and I ask him opinions on things – hi babe!) and said he likes the look of an […]


Ideas for The Dress

Ah, The Dress! I’m not one of the girls who always fantisised about her wedding dress. I’m definitely not one of the girls who must have a fancy designer dress (although if you are and can afford it, go you!). Since I didn’t really have an specific ideas I was attached to, I figured I’d […]