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The Reception

The band segued our walk back down the aisle into the the ‘cocktail hour’ area, where we did quick family photos and ran around trying to talk to every guest. I don’t think I’ve ever hugged so many people in one day before, and I found myself saying “thankyou!” as soon as someone greeted me, […]


City Ceremony

We now have a ceremony location! Yep, it’s going to be at the same place as our reception. There are a few reasons for this: It makes everything eleventy billion times easier logistically – it means we have one less set of people to deal with, don’t have to hire chairs, don’t have to travel […]


Ceremony Venue

One of the things I really wanted to sort out whilst we were in Perth was the ceremony venue. We did manage to scout around a few places, but so far nothing is coming up as the perfect solution. At first I really wanted something in the shade of some trees, but when chatting with […]


Forrest Centre Reception Centre

Went to see our reception venue for the first time ever yesterday! I have to admit there are parts that I’m not in love with (such as the not-so-pretty buildings around the atrium area), but in total I’m really happy with our choice. The building is beautiful; the atrium very airy and filled with light; […]


Decor Ideas

My fabulous Chick of Honour (who shall henceforth be referred to as Miss T) and another good friend did some venue recon for me over the weekend, and today I got to see the videos and photos they took! The venue in question is The Forrest Centre Reception Centre, which looks pretty good from the […]


Rooftop First Look

Surely, somewhere in Perth city there must be a building that will let me use their rooftop for a ‘first look’ like this. Right? I love first looks, I think it’s nice to have a private moment to see each other and feel prepared for making the next big step together. Practical too, in that […]


Wedding Envy: Moore & Moore

I’m so in love with this wedding at Moore & Moore, shot by Samm Blake. Art! Eclectic vintage furniture! Food that is basically art! Lanterns! Fremantle! Rustic goodness! It’s everything I want my wedding to be, and a few things I didn’t realise I wanted it to be. Unfortunately it looks like it wasn’t meant […]


Inspiration Board: Singin’ in the Rain

Okay, so I’ve been assured that the guest list situation has been exaggerated, and am at peace with possibly having a slightly-on-the-largeish side wedding. Back to ideas. After watching ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ on DVD and at an amateur theatre last weekend with The Boy, I was inspired to consider a wedding that doesn’t fear […]


Tech Tools for Geeky Brides – Google Maps + Panoramio

Since I use a bunch of Google tools for everyday use, it made sense to use Google Maps for my wedding planning – mostly for figuring out how far away from each other venues are. I’m now also finding it extremely useful for taking a quick look at places from Street View, to get a […]


Venue Indecisiveness

While we were in Perth (for just a few hours in between Margaret River flying back out again!), The Boy and I checked out my latest favourite venues, Darlington Estate and the Boatshed Restaurant. Both are, in my opinion, a cut above the other venues we’d been considering, even though they still have their pros […]