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Felt Craspedia (aka Billy Balls)

I’m not normally a fan of fake flowers, unless they’re done really well. But these felted billy balls/craspedia look super adorable, and quite a lot like the real thing! I’m into needle felting, so I even already have some bright yellow felt I can use for this purpose if I can’t get the real flowers […]


Engagement Party!

So the engagement party was last weekend! Things were a little stressful at points during the preparation, and I was ready to sleep for a day after it ended, but overall I think things worked out really, really well. Some great friends and family offered to cater the party as a present, so what was […]



In light of my engagement invites (you can tell I’m pretty damn pleased with myself, can’t you?) I’ve decided on my philosophy towards planning our wedding: being lazy(ish). Or, to expand: minimum cost minimum effort (unless the task is something really fun!) maximum impact In the context of invitations for example, getting someone else to […]


Engagement Invitations

They’re done! And only just mailed out, despite my best intentions to give everyone a good few weeks’ notice. We ended up creating a Facebook event in the meantime, which has actually led to most people RSVPing on there and ignoring my request for their address to send them my cute invitations! I’ve managed to […]


Playing with Video

And now back to some lighter stuff! I did a bit of messing around with The Boy’s little Zumi camera that we’re thinking of using to take some wedding footage last weekend, and cut it together with some music in iMovie. I should probably warn you that I took this footage at an anime convention […]



I came across the most beautiful paper garlands today in Apartment Therapy: Aren’t they so wonderfully delicate? They’re made with fancy German paper that the seller has screen-printed herself. Can’t really get much more handmade than that. I’m not sure where I’d use them – draped in scallops around the dessert/cake table maybe? I had […]


Zumi Testing

The Boy put together his first video made with our new Harinezumi Digital camera! We went to Canberra’s Handmade Market last weekend, and as well as buying some cool handmade loot he took some footage and put it together with some music with Movie Maker. I think we need to work on adjusting the focus […]


Friend’s Hens

Attended my first hens night ever over the weekend! We started the night at my place with champagne, snacks, photos and games, then went on to dinner, drinks and dancing. A fabulous night was had by all! I blame this wedding obsession for making me go a little over the top with decorations… but they […]


Harinezumi digital camera

It has arrived! After I last posted about this camera, I was all set to buy it. But just before I went to make the payment I remembered that at occasions where I would want to take a video, I usually take still photos. I’m just a hobbyist photographer, but I have spent a decent […]


Wedding Hacks – Calligraphy

This is such a great cheat for getting beautiful hand-lettered (sort of) calligraphy without having to hire someone to do it. Basically it involves printing directly onto the envelopes/whatever so it’s just visible, then tracing over it with an appropriate coloured pen. I can imagine it being a little time consuming, especially if you have […]