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It’s time

Just a quick break from wedding recaps to tell you to go watch this beautifully shot ad by GetUp! promoting marriage equality. I don’t see how you could watch this and feel that their relationship is any less valid or worthy of legal marriage than a hetero relationship. Watch this then go sign the petition.



I’ve been terrible with blogging here lately – partly because I’m slightly over the whole wedding planning thing, and partly because I still have so much to do! So here’s a bit of a catch up. Had a bit of a hair and makeup trial at my place, which was mostly successful! A friend, Miss […]


Stuff that is not wedding related

I’ve realised lately that as we get closer to the wedding and the pressure is on to get things done, I’ve started to drop other projects and hobbies in order to work on wedding related projects. I usually have several personal projects on the go, but these days whenever I feel like starting something I […]


More To Do’s

So it only took me 2 weeks, but I’m finally done with my list of things to do in a weekend. Mostly as a reminder to myself, here’s my next to do list: Go over details with venue Start thinking about ceremony decorations Choose a reading Write vows Do final mockup of invitations and order […]


A Weekend of Getting Wedding Shizzle Done

It’s the start of a long weekend here in Perth (not that it matters to me as a freelancer, but I’m waiting on some things and don’t have much work to do on Monday anyway), so I hereby dub this A Weekend of Getting Wedding Shizzle Done (Amongst Other Stuff). At just over 4 months […]


Buffets and Compromises

I’ve never been a fan of buffets. Maybe it’s because I don’t like doing the buffet shuffle, or the fact that by the time it’s your turn to go up and get your food it doesn’t look so pretty anymore. Probably it’s because my family celebrated most of our important occasions at Sizzler. But one […]


Wedding Breakdown #1

So apparently my attempt at staying positive with regards to food for our wedding wasn’t entirely successful. After talking to the venue about the costs involved with bringing in another caterer (not cheap at all; I suppose they have to make their money somehow) and adding it all up, something in me just sort of […]


Five Month Frustrations

The Boy and I went for a menu tasting at our venue last week. It was… disappointing, to say the least. I’d go as far as saying that if I was served that meal as a guest I would probably be bitching about it (uh, not to the couple of course), and if it was […]


Decisions and Deposits

This has been a productive few days! Here’s what we’ve been up to: Ordered my custom dress with Cupid’s Bridal – the ladies there were very helpful and seemed as excited about my design as I was, which is usually a good sign! I’m now nervously awaiting the dress to be finished and come to […]


The Doing of Things

We’re now back in Perth, and have internet! Now that the whole moving interstate thing has settled down and my schedule is getting back to normal, it’s it me that it’s just about 7 months until the wedding. And I haven’t really booked much other than the venue and photographer so far. People are giving […]