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Playing with Video

And now back to some lighter stuff! I did a bit of messing around with The Boy’s little Zumi camera that we’re thinking of using to take some wedding footage last weekend, and cut it together with some music in iMovie. I should probably warn you that I took this footage at an anime convention […]


Photography and Videography – Food for Thought

I came across this post today through my photographer… and thought it was worth sharing. My planning so far has been very me-centric, so I hadn’t put any thought at all to potential conflicts between different vendors and making it easy for them to do their job unhindered. I hadn’t planned on getting a professional […]


Zumi Testing

The Boy put together his first video made with our new Harinezumi Digital camera! We went to Canberra’s Handmade Market last weekend, and as well as buying some cool handmade loot he took some footage and put it together with some music with Movie Maker. I think we need to work on adjusting the focus […]


Harinezumi digital camera

It has arrived! After I last posted about this camera, I was all set to buy it. But just before I went to make the payment I remembered that at occasions where I would want to take a video, I usually take still photos. I’m just a hobbyist photographer, but I have spent a decent […]


Videography, 8mm film & Zumi Digital

A wedding video is something that I wasn’t really interested in – I know it’s supposed to be one of the things I’d ‘regret not having after!’, but we’re not really the type to sit down and watch home movies. I feel entirely justified in putting any budget that would have gone towards videography into […]