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The Reception

The band segued our walk back down the aisle into the the ‘cocktail hour’ area, where we did quick family photos and ran around trying to talk to every guest. I don’t think I’ve ever hugged so many people in one day before, and I found myself saying “thankyou!” as soon as someone greeted me, […]


Felt Craspedia (aka Billy Balls)

I’m not normally a fan of fake flowers, unless they’re done really well. But these felted billy balls/craspedia look super adorable, and quite a lot like the real thing! I’m into needle felting, so I even already have some bright yellow felt I can use for this purpose if I can’t get the real flowers […]


Chrysanthemum and Chamomile, and other lovely things

About time for a post with some actual pictures! Flowers have never been a particularly big thing for me. I buy the occasional bunch of flowers to decorate our apartment when the mood strikes, but that’s about as far as it goes. I don’t even really like to grow flowers – I prefer things I […]


Total Bridesmaid Mismatch

I took this photo at Floriade today, and I’m sort of enamoured with the colours. Obviously they’re a bit strong and girly on their own, but used sparingly with some white/cream/beige/brown/grey neutrals I think it could look really pretty. I’ve looking at bridal party photos recently, and after seeing a few I’ve decided that having […]



Ah, Mother’s Day. I live on the other side of my country to my mother, so I just called her up to wish her a nice day and boast about going to see the Mama Mia musical in Melbourne. But now that I have some interest in flowers and kind of like having them around […]


White Flowers

I seem to be really noticing flowers that I generally associate with bright colours in white lately. It somehow makes them feel more elegant and dramatic than their more colourful counterparts or more traditionally white flowers. I think with these it’s the stark contrast between the white petals and black centers. I still have NO […]