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Handmade Birdcage Veil

I very nearly didn’t have a veil. I searched around for a cheap birdcage veil, decided I could make one much cheaper (can’t be that hard right?). It became one of those projects that kept getting pushed further and further back, until it was a few days before the wedding and I still hadn’t gotten […]


Heart Kraft

I’m really feeling kraft paper at the moment. There’s something wonderfully earthy about it; the interesting texture makes simple, single colour designs look awesome; and in many cases it’s made of recycled material. Also, and importantly, it’s way cheaper than your average fancy shiny weddingy paper. I took a look around Etsy for some cool […]


A few things

Just a few practical challenges that I want to try and keep in mind while planning this wedding. make, recycle or buy second-hand wherever possible if it’s not possible, try to buy handmade or from small local businesses never be ashamed to bargain never be ashamed to DIY things find a way to reuse, re-purpose […]


Biodegradable Tableware

Aren’t these the most beautiful paper plates you’ve ever seen? If I was having the kind of wedding that needed disposable plates (picnic wedding?), I’d want to use these – besides being beautifully aesthetic, they’re made using biodegradable non-wood materials like reed, bamboo and sugarcane pulp. I don’t think they’re available in Australia though, unfortunately.