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This Year

I know I haven’t been the best blogger lately – life has it’s way of interfering. Planning a big holiday in New Zealand and an interstate move has taken up all my time, and wedding stuff has been the last thing on my mind. But this year… the wedding is now THIS YEAR. This year […]


Short Wedding Hair

I got a haircut! Okay, generally this isn’t a big deal – I get my hair cut shortish every year when it starts getting warm – it seems that when you’re getting married it is. There’s a bit of an expectation that when you get married you have to have a bridal updo, which requires […]


Très Fashion

I am not a high fashion person. I’m not even a vaguely fashionable person. But damn, these hats by Philip Treacy are more like art. I don’t think I have the bone structure to pull one off even if I could afford it, but they are lovely to look at and thought I’d share! These […]


Table Pictures

I love the idea of using images instead of table numbers. Doesn’t this look so fab? So instead of saying “I’m on table 4,” you can say “I’m on the T-REX table”, or LLAMA TABLE, or TEAPOT TABLE, which is significantly more awesome. The rest of the wedding photos are absolutely worth a look too, […]


Over it.

I’m so over wedding inspiration blogs. Being a blogger and a geek and already having masses of design inspiration pouring into my RSS reader every day, when I first got engaged I added pretty much every wedding blog I could find. And every day I had heaps of beautiful images of real weddings, ‘photo shoot […]


Colourful Tables

Really loving the look of this yellow and grey wedding, especially their tables. Having non-white table linens adds so much personality! I don’t think this combo of grey tablecloths and yellow napkins will work for my ‘heritage’ coloured venue though, and hiring it all is an extra cost I really don’t need. I could probably […]


More DIY Photobooth Backdrop Ideas

Speaking of photobooth backdrops, there’s some super cool ideas here that could look awesome on it. I already mentioned liking the look of book pages pasted onto a wall which is described here; I’m also really liking the idea of sticking fabric to the wall with a cornstarch paste mixture which lets you easily remove […]


Bridesmaids Dresses

Chatting with my bridal crew has gotten me thinking about bridesmaid dresses. My four lovely bridesmaids all live in Perth while I’m over here in Canberra, so going big group shopping trips until we come up with something that everyone is happy with unfortunately isn’t an option. Luckily I’ve come up with an awesome idea […]


Heart Kraft

I’m really feeling kraft paper at the moment. There’s something wonderfully earthy about it; the interesting texture makes simple, single colour designs look awesome; and in many cases it’s made of recycled material. Also, and importantly, it’s way cheaper than your average fancy shiny weddingy paper. I took a look around Etsy for some cool […]


Decorating with Books

Loving some of the ideas for decorating using old books posted on Re-Nest recently. The branch using the pages as leaves above is gorgeous, and the one about creating 3D art and ‘vases’ out of books could make a pretty easy, unique and cheap centerpiece. I’d feel a bit bad cutting up books, but if […]