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High Tea

I was spoiled with not one but two hens type things thanks to my awesome girls (plus an extra girls night out to get me out of the apartment whilst The Boy had his bucks thing at our place). The first was the amazing weekend away with my close girl friends, and on Saturday was […]


Buffets and Compromises

I’ve never been a fan of buffets. Maybe it’s because I don’t like doing the buffet shuffle, or the fact that by the time it’s your turn to go up and get your food it doesn’t look so pretty anymore. Probably it’s because my family celebrated most of our important occasions at Sizzler. But one […]


Wedding Breakdown #1

So apparently my attempt at staying positive with regards to food for our wedding wasn’t entirely successful. After talking to the venue about the costs involved with bringing in another caterer (not cheap at all; I suppose they have to make their money somehow) and adding it all up, something in me just sort of […]


Five Month Frustrations

The Boy and I went for a menu tasting at our venue last week. It was… disappointing, to say the least. I’d go as far as saying that if I was served that meal as a guest I would probably be bitching about it (uh, not to the couple of course), and if it was […]


Decisions and Deposits

This has been a productive few days! Here’s what we’ve been up to: Ordered my custom dress with Cupid’s Bridal – the ladies there were very helpful and seemed as excited about my design as I was, which is usually a good sign! I’m now nervously awaiting the dress to be finished and come to […]


The Boy is Blogging

Okay, this isn’t exactly related to wedding planning (at this stage at least; he’ll probably have something to say about our wedding food eventually), but The Boy now has his own blog! He’s a bit of a foodie so the blog will mainly be restaurant reviews, recipes, and other food related fun. I had a […]


On Cake

How awesome is this photo from the “Shoot the Chef” photography competition? The woman is a pastry chef, chocolatier and champion kickboxer, and is thus my hero. The Boy and I were planning to do a little cake testing whilst in Perth, but with everything going on we only made it to one place – […]


On Fitness and Cookies

I hate the gym. I think I’ll just stay home and eat shortbread cookies. Will try again tomorrow.


More on Food

So in response to my request for a tapas style meal, favourite venue of the moment has suggested serving a variety of cocktail items. It sounds like a good idea, and the suggested number of items brings the food costs to nicely under budget. But I’m a little unconvinced that canapes will be enough food. […]


Social food

I think it was when we were driving around the Swan Valley looking at possible venues that we decided we wanted a tapas style wedding reception. Neither of us are a fan of buffets, and while there’s nothing wrong with the typical soup – chicken/beef/fish – dessert three course meal, it does get a little […]