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Bridal Crew

We couldn’t have asked for a better bridal party. My girls were a massive support for me in the leadup to the wedding, and got up at 5am for me on the day to start getting read (that is dedication). They also all managed to find their own yellow dresses, which was surprisingly difficult! A […]


Photo Session

I was really, really nervous about the photos for the wedding. Not that I didn’t trust our awesome photographer, Jen, but I’m always really, really awkward in front of a camera – I’m much more comfortable behind one. As it turned out I didn’t need to worry – I didn’t feel awkward at all during […]


First Look

Some people seem to really dislike first looks – either because you miss that aisle moment, or because they’re deemed too fake and posey. I love the idea though, and for us it just made things a million times easier logistically – we had our first look in our front yard, after I got ready […]


Guestbooks, Photobooths and Polaroids

I’ve written before about some alternatives to a photobooth, and I think now I have my decision. I’ve been lusting after the Fuji Instax Mini 50s even though it doesn’t really fit into our wedding budget, but when my girls asked me what I wanted for my birthday I spied a way of sneaking it […]


Anna Rose Photography

Heads up peoples – Anna Rose Photography is offering a special discounted rate for funky, arty, handmade type weddings at the moment. I booked her in way early after she offered this last time, and I’m extremely glad I did. Photography is so important to me and I probably wouldn’t have had the budget to […]


Guests with Cameras

I came across this article today, by a professional photographer talking about guests and photographer wannabes taking photos at weddings. It’s an interesting perspective, and sad to see beautiful photo opportunity ruined by guests with cameras. I always bring my camera with weddings, and I’m guilty of having a camera hiding my face or looking […]


Engagement Party!

So the engagement party was last weekend! Things were a little stressful at points during the preparation, and I was ready to sleep for a day after it ended, but overall I think things worked out really, really well. Some great friends and family offered to cater the party as a present, so what was […]


What She Said

I’m really getting on my high horse a bit lately huh? We’ll be back to engagement party planning soon, promise. But I saw this post on A Los Angeles Love today, and had to bring attention to it. It’s pretty much what I was trying to say here and here about the lack of diversity […]


Engagement Photos

Okay, I know these have been a long time coming – I’ve simply been too busy/lazy to put them online! But here they are finally – you can see the set of photos here. I’ve decided to just put a small set of my favourites online because honestly I feel a little strange putting up […]


Engagement Shoot Pt.2

So the ‘engagement shoot’ went really really well! I was a little nervous to begin with as mentioned previously, but Jenny of Allyeska Photography got us to just be natural and overall it felt really fun and easy rather than cheesy and forced. Poor Jenny wasn’t feeling completely well but trooped on and did an […]