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Handmade Birdcage Veil

I very nearly didn’t have a veil. I searched around for a cheap birdcage veil, decided I could make one much cheaper (can’t be that hard right?). It became one of those projects that kept getting pushed further and further back, until it was a few days before the wedding and I still hadn’t gotten […]


Bridal Crew

We couldn’t have asked for a better bridal party. My girls were a massive support for me in the leadup to the wedding, and got up at 5am for me on the day to start getting read (that is dedication). They also all managed to find their own yellow dresses, which was surprisingly difficult! A […]


Yellow Dresses

…seem to be everywhere this season! Where were they this time last year, when I told my bridesmaids they had to find their own (non-matching) yellow dress for the wedding? Luckily they did awesome and found fabulous dresses anyway. Real recaps coming soon!



I’ve been terrible with blogging here lately – partly because I’m slightly over the whole wedding planning thing, and partly because I still have so much to do! So here’s a bit of a catch up. Had a bit of a hair and makeup trial at my place, which was mostly successful! A friend, Miss […]



A while back I posted my review of some Shoes of Prey shoes, and then ordered some for myself. This week they arrived, just a couple of weeks after ordering! Unfortunately, I do not love them. The colour turned out perfect despite their warnings that the yellow soft leather was rather limey, and the width […]


Walking on Sunshine

I’m still waiting on my yellow heels from Shoes of Prey with my fingers crossed that they’ll actually fit me, but in the meantime I’ve been hunting for some appropriate ballet flats to wear at the reception. I wear heels for maybe a couple of hours every few weeks at most – I live in […]


If I was smarter…

…I would have gone for a nude/neutral colour scheme instead of yellow and grey. The colours are so lovely, and so easy to find in winter and spring. It would have been so easy! But I’m not sure we’re really a nude/blush people in the end.


Review: Shoes of Prey

Just going to preface this by saying I’m not receiving any kind of payment for this review – I contacted Shoes of Prey and asked them to mail me some shoes to review (and then return), and they were nice enough to do so. So this is 100% my real personal opinion and an item […]


Suiting Up

Today we took a look at suits! The Boy has two groomsmen (and two groomswomen, who will most likely be wearing dresses) so I tagged along to offer my opinion and they tried some things on. It’s so much easier for boys – we walked in, they tried on the one light grey suit they […]


Sunny Yellow Bridesmaids

Yep, I’ve finally decided: my girls will be wearing YELLOW! Here’s what I’m asking them to wear in a nutshell: Knee length, cocktail~ish dress of their choosing in some shade of yellow Whatever shoes they want, in a neutral colour (black, white, grey, gold, silver, nude) Whatever jewellery and accessories they want, in neutral colours […]