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It has been a while!

In case it isn’t obvious, any plans I had to keep updating this blog with further recaps and details somehow got pushed aside by life in general. We’ve now been married for just over two years, and in that time we’ve honeymooned in Vietnam, travelled around Europe, bought our first home, and had a lot of other adventures of the smaller kind.

I mostly likely won’t continue to update this blog, but you can keep up with me over at my main blog, ChiGarden. Getting Hitched will stay here as a reference for me and for anyone who stumbles across it as they’re planning their own wedding. If any old readers are seeing this – thanks again for reading through my journey!



Handmade Birdcage Veil

I very nearly didn’t have a veil. I searched around for a cheap birdcage veil, decided I could make one much cheaper (can’t be that hard right?). It became one of those projects that kept getting pushed further and further back, until it was a few days before the wedding and I still hadn’t gotten any further than cutting up a piece of French netting. A friend bet me that I wouldn’t get it done and would end up buying one; that gave me the drive to finish it off and prove him wrong! It isn’t hard, but getting the shape just so can be pretty tricky. I’m not sure any actual milliners would approve of my veil. But I loved it, it cost just a few dollars and I think it provided that bit of balance to my wedding outfit.

For those who are interested in making their own birdcage veil, here’s what you need:

  • 1 yard of 9″ French or Russian netting – I bought mine from fancygoods on Etsy for $4 per yard
  • white and clear thread
  • some kind of comb to attach it to
  • bobby pins to keep it in place in your hair

I followed this tutorial on The Dapper Bun, which is the most clear one I found for this sort of gathered side birdcage veil (I also found a tutorial for a bandeau style veil on Wedding Chicks). The main gist is to cut a semi-circle out of your netting – start largish and trim as you need to – then gather it using thread along the round edge. It sounds simple, but getting the shape and size just right takes some time, and a lot of undoing, trimming, rethreading and then the same over again. Once you have a shape that you’re happy with, sew the gathered edge to a comb – I had a silver slide comb with diamont├ęs (from a pharmacy), and just sewed the netting to it with clear thread. I had to use extra pins to make the veil sit the way I wanted on my head, as I wanted the gather to be right on the side of my head above my side bun. I’m not sure if a store bought one would have the same issue?

Overall I’m really glad I decided to make my veil – the nice ones seem to cost upwards of $50, even online, whereas I managed to make mine for less than $15. I also managed to tweak it to just the shape that I was after, and felt rather smug for having made it myself. If you’ve got a crafty bone in your body I’d say give making your own birdcage veil a shot!

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The Reception

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The band segued our walk back down the aisle into the the ‘cocktail hour’ area, where we did quick family photos and ran around trying to talk to every guest. I don’t think I’ve ever hugged so many people in one day before, and I found myself saying “thankyou!” as soon as someone greeted me, regardless of what they actually said! I’m really glad that we did the photos beforehand and we were able to spend this time with guests though – the entire day blew by so quickly, I think we would have missed out on really getting to talk to everyone if we didn’t have this time.

Just before it was time for lunch, The Boy and I served jasmine tea to our parents, grandparents and other important members of our families as a simplified and faster nod to a traditional tea ceremony. The Boy’s mum whispered what to say in my ear as I handed over the tea “[name/title], yum cha”, but I stumbled quite badly over the Chinese names. Oh well, I like to think they appreciated the effort anyway!

Having read enough stories about brides fainting or getting completely sloshed due to not eating, I made sure to get a decent plate of food from the buffet in. For some reason I couldn’t really stomach much meat and pretty much ate a plate of salad with a bit of pasta. I didn’t end up drinking much at all either. I went straight into hostess mode, so finished eating as quickly as possible and ran around to other tables making sure they were okay, had enough to eat, and were having fun.

Our speeches were short and sweet, including Miss T (and then me) breaking into tears whilst recounting our many years of friendship. Part of me wishes that I’d made a speech too, although it would pretty much be thanking everyone for helping me prepare for the day.

After the speeches we did our first dance, which was entirely not prepared for so we encouraged everyone to join us on the dance floor and sort of twirled around inexpertly for a while. Not being alone on the floor or having any dance steps to remember (I am the most uncoordinated person in the world) took a lot of the pressure off, so we just laughed and had fun through it.

The bouquet toss ended up being a bit of an afterthought – I wasn’t really planning on doing one, and half the guests had to leave right after the speeches so there weren’t a huge number of people left. I also couldn’t find my tossing bouquet that was so lovingly made for me, and ended up having to throw my real bouquet (sorry Miss J!). It was a bit of fun though, and the bouquet was claimed by Miss B who possibly wanted it the least. Oops!

It was such an amazing, magical day surrounded by so many wonderful people. I didn’t at all expect it to turn out to be the best day of my life so far – that seems to just be setting yourself up for disappointment – but it really did turn out that way.

Coming up next: details, advice in retrospect, Instax photos and a few other bits and pieces!

The last five photos were by my friend Peter Bui; the first lot of photos from my photographer, Anna Rose Photography.


The Ceremony

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Our ceremony was a short, simple, secular affair at the same venue as the reception. I met our celebrant, Julie Carlton, through some work that I did for her, and she was great in helping us sort through the many, many options in writing your own ceremony. We ended up going for something short and heartfelt without being too sappy. We decided to only have one reading in the end, and had our lovely friend Bec surprise us with a reading of her choice – she read ‘I carry your heart with me’ by e. e. cummings, which was beautiful.

We wrote and read out our own very simple vows for the ceremony (I have to admit I did just sort of take The Boy’s vows and paraphrase them, they were that good). I was a bit concerned that some of my very Catholic family members would find the complete lack of religious ceremony or references a little offensive, but some of them came up to me after and told me that it was a nice change to have a short ceremony instead of a full mass!

Just before it was time to walk down the aisle, it was my maid of honour, Miss T, who was freaking out and me who had to tell her to breathe and be calm! We didn’t have any practice runs but everyone did marvelously at winging it. It was all over so quickly, but will definitely be one of my most precious memories.


It’s time

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Just a quick break from wedding recaps to tell you to go watch this beautifully shot ad by GetUp! promoting marriage equality. I don’t see how you could watch this and feel that their relationship is any less valid or worthy of legal marriage than a hetero relationship. Watch this then go sign the petition.


Bridal Crew

We couldn’t have asked for a better bridal party. My girls were a massive support for me in the leadup to the wedding, and got up at 5am for me on the day to start getting read (that is dedication). They also all managed to find their own yellow dresses, which was surprisingly difficult!

A lot of people seemed a bit surprised that not all of The Boy’s groomsmen were, well, men – but I always thought it made sense to have your closest friends at your back and in your bridal crew, and since some of his closest friends happened to be women it was only logical to include them too. They found their own grey dresses and were (thankfully) happy to have a boutonniere pinned to them. The boys all hired the same suits, sans jacket (it was quite a warm day!) and wore them the way they wanted to. The ties were from Tie Obsessed on Etsy – soo much nicer and better priced than the ones the suit shop were trying to sell us!

I had a lot of people tell me that the mismatched-ness – different shades of yellow, different shades of grey, guys and girls in the grooms side – would look weird. I think it turned out pretty awesome personally, and it certainly took a lot of the pressure off of us in looking for and forcing particular outfits on them. If you’re thinking of doing this, don’t listen to the haters!


Photo Session

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I was really, really nervous about the photos for the wedding. Not that I didn’t trust our awesome photographer, Jen, but I’m always really, really awkward in front of a camera – I’m much more comfortable behind one. As it turned out I didn’t need to worry – I didn’t feel awkward at all during our photo session. I couldn’t stop grinning and laughing though, so there’s a very large percentage of shots with my mouth wide open and very few of me being serious!bride, but that’s pretty true to me and the feeling of the day. The Boy is a natural at modelling, and it was easy to play off of him in our shots together.

The best part was the limousine ride into the city, where we had a tv playing video clips a bit more appropriate for a school ball than a wedding. We sang along to some of the songs, including Tribute which one of The Boy’s groomswomen knew all the words to. Rock!

We took photos along King Street and in Wolf Lane, for a sort of urban look. It took about an hour all up, definitely enough for me!


First Look

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Some people seem to really dislike first looks – either because you miss that aisle moment, or because they’re deemed too fake and posey. I love the idea though, and for us it just made things a million times easier logistically – we had our first look in our front yard, after I got ready at our place and he got ready at his parents place down the road. We were able to go right into lunch after the ceremony, instead of having a large gap which as a guest I never know what to do with.

It was definitely a special moment, and I don’t feel that it detracted from that aisle moment in the ceremony at all.


Getting Ready

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I decided to get ready at our apartment – both our parents’ places are a bit cluttered, and I really didn’t want the cost of a hotel room. With a morning ceremony and photos before that, I ended up having to get up at 5am! The Boy didn’t like the idea of getting kicked out of our apartment so early, so he opted to spend the night at a friends’ place and I had Miss C to keep me company.

I think getting ready for your wedding at your home has its good and bad points. On the plus side, it cut out a lot of travel time – I pretty much rolled out of bed, had some tea and started getting ready. It’s also very close to The Boy’s parent’s place, where he was getting ready, and we did our ‘first look’ in the front yard. Various little emergencies are easier to solve when you have all your possessions to work with, instead of just what you remember to bring to the hotel or parents place. On the other hand it does require some cleaning up beforehand, and not all homes would be ideal – I know my place is a little dark, and my poor photographers had to use flashes to get good shots. It worked well for us in the end though, and I wouldn’t change it.

All the girls helped each other with hair and makeup, and our friend Miss N did mine for me. In retrospect, part of me wishes I’d gotten a professional hair and makeup artist. Not because they didn’t do an amazing job – everyone ended up looking amazing, and I love how my hair and makeup turned out. But I’m aware of how much pressure that I put on my friends and how much I asked of them.

Everyone was marvelous though, and we were ready pretty much on time! Just as we finished up the boys arrived in the limo, in time for the first look.

All photos by Anna Rose Photography.


Yellow Dresses

…seem to be everywhere this season! Where were they this time last year, when I told my bridesmaids they had to find their own (non-matching) yellow dress for the wedding?

Luckily they did awesome and found fabulous dresses anyway.

Real recaps coming soon!